Chanticleer Swim Club Board of Trustees Archive

These are reference resources for the Board of Trustees and members who operate and/or make decisions regarding the pool. These are provided in the highest available resolution to enable close inspection of the details.

Deed copy and 2020 Survey

First Filter System Upgrade 1964

Trenches and waterlines 1967

Trenches and waterlines 1996

Baby Pool Skimmer 2016

The following are photos of various Electrical Blue Prints from 1989 and 1996.
Several older prints are corrected to bring them up to date for 1996.
There is a notation for waterline work in 2007.

Overall Site Details

Entrance and bathroom details

Canopy and Snack Bar locations

Notation on Waterline location and electrical conduits out of the Snack Bar 1996.

Design of the new deck in 1996

Circuit Distribution Panels found in the Snack Bar.

Pump Room Circuit Distribution Panel

The following photos illustrate the path of our water and gas utility service to the pool.

Water service path Meter to Pump Room

Natural Gas Service path to meter

The following are operational manuals for our equipment and supply resource information.

American Standard Urinal and Lavatory Faucet Parts

CAT 2000 Chemical Controller Manual.

Chipper Shredder Vacuum Manual

Main Pump Mercury Switch (Dwyer) (Mercoid)

Hayward Pumps

Kitchen Aid Gas Grill Manual

Lithonia LED Security Light Installation Instructions

Pentair INtelllibrite LED Pool Light Manual

Pro Vac Instructions and Parts list

Quick disconnect cordset for our Skimmer pumps.

RayPac Commercial Pool Heater Manual and Parts list

Repair Service for our pump motors.

Stenner Chemical pumps.

The following are procedures related to starting-up the pool in the Spring
and operating it throughout the season.

Chanticleer Swim Club Startup Checklist.

Shocking the Pool

Backwashing the Filter.

Bulk Chemical Delivery Procedures.



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