Summer swim team activities for 2022.

Coach: Heidi Gariti
  Phone: 724–910–9419
  email: h.gariti@verizon.net

It is that time of the year!!! Who is ready?!?
Please click the video link below and then read the attachment to access everything you ever wanted to know about Chanticleer Swim Team this summer! Can't wait!!     GO ROOSTERS!
Heidi Gariti

Click for Swim Team Greeting
      (Thanks to Maddie Gariti for this promo video)

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Swim Team SIGN UPS:     https://forms.gle/ZSKDLwdjaBfq2RpC6
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Swim Team Gear:     https://forms/gle/BCiT2U7h8gTWeKQy8
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  Click here to download a printable copy of the Pepperoni Roll Order Form:


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