Backwashing the Filter

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    On Deck:
  1. Clear the Skimmer baskets and check the baby pool skimmers..
    In the Pump Room:
  1. Close the water flow valves on the computer control. To avoid the beeping alarm, you can shut off the unit but you will have to re–calibrate it upon restart.
  2. Shut off the Skimmer pumps and close the ball valves on either side of the pumps.
  3. Shut off the Main Pump and close the Return Line butterfly valve.
  4. Close the DE feeder waterline ball valve. The feeder is off while the Main Pump is turned off.
  5. Close the heater ball valves
  6. Open the Filter Bin drain valve.
  7. While the filter bin is draining clean and clear the baskets in the Skimmer pumps. If clean baskets are available, just swap and clean the current ones for the next use. Replace the lid being careful to set the gasket correctly around the rim with no pinches or twists.
  8. Open the Recycle Valve.
  9. Hose off the DE adhering to the filter leaves. Flush any residue from the bottom of the tank.
  10. Close the drain valve tightly.
  11. Turn on the City Water valve to operate the hydraulic butterfly valve and allow pool water to enter the filter bin.
  12. Make sure the "purge valve" is open.
  13. Allow the pool water to fill the filter bin.
  14. Once the "purge valve" shows a steady stream of water, close it.
  15. When the water reaches the desired height in the filter box, close the City Water Valve.
  16. With the Main butterfly closed and the Recycle Valve fully open start the Main Pump.
  17. Using a 32 oz coffee can, pre–coat the filter with 15 cans of Diatomaceous Earth (DE).
  18. When the water in the filter becomes clear, the DE has pre–coated the filter medium and it is ready to process the pool water.
  19. Open the heater ball valves.
  20. Open the Main Butterfly about ½ way and quickly close the Recycle Valve. {{NOTE: If you start to loose water in the filter bin, you can add City Water pressure to bring it back up–don’t leave it on.}}
  21. Using the Main Butterfly valve to control the water pressure – closing it raises the pressure and opening lowers it. Aim for 20 lbs/in² .
  22. Open the 4 Skimmer ball valves and turn on both Skimmer pumps.
  23. With the Skimmer pumps on and the Main butterfly valve set correctly the water in the filter box will stay above the filter medium.
  24. Turn on the water flow to the DE feeder.
  25. Make sure the Earth Feeder is full of DE.
  26. Open the water flow valves to the controller and if the unit had been turned off, turn it on and re–calibrate both sensors.
  27. The chemical feed pumps should work automatically as controlled by the computer.
  28. Check the pool water level and add water as needed.
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