Bulk Delivery Procedures

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    Monitor chemical consumption:
  1. We start the season with:
    1. 275 gal of Sodium hypochlorite
    2. 15 gal carboy of Hydrochloric Acid (muriatic Acid)
    3. 2 — 100 lbs drum of Calcium hypochlorite
    4. 25 — 40 lb. bags of Diatomaceous Earth Filter media
    5. 50 lbs drum of Cyanuric Acid.
  2. Two weeks before the chemicals are needed, place the order.
  3. Monitor chemical consumption and replace as needed (mostly Sodium Hypochlorite).
            SAL Chemicals
            3038 Birch Dr.
            Weirton, WV   26002

            Remind them the truck will want to stay in the upper parking lot and the driver should bring about 150' of delivery hose for the Sodium hypochlorite.

    On delivery day:
  1. Delivery is usually early in the morning.
  2. Verify the pipe run from the corner of the bathroom structure to the chlorine tank is sound and in tact and the drain valve is closed.
  3. Make sure there is space in the Chemical Room for the drums and carboys to be delivered.
  4. Remove the tennis ball plug from the Chlorine delivery piping.
  5. Install the delivery hose adapter support plate below our delivery inlet. (This is in the storeroom under the bathrooms.)
  6. The driver will usually run the drums and carboys down to the Chemical Room on a hand truck.
  7. The driver will connect and check the delivery hose before starting the delivery pumping process.
  8. Once finished the driver will want to rinse his delivery hose of the Sodium hypochlorite. It is OK to allow the rinse water to go into our tank.
  9. Once the delivery hose is disconnected, remove the adapter support plate and return it to storage.
  10. Place a piece of tape at the height of the delivered fluid in the storage tank.
  11. Make sure the tank cap is loosely in place to control vapors.
  12. Sign the Bill of Lading and forward it to the Treasurer.
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